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How does coaching work?

Coaching is a collaborative partnership designed to help the client achieve their personal or professional goals. Through discussion, exercises, guidance, support, and accountability the client gains clarity, overcomes obstacles, and takes action towards their desired outcomes and goals. It is a powerful tool for personal growth, skill development, and achieving success in any area of life.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

Coaching and therapy have different focuses and approaches. Therapy often addresses past trauma and mental health issues while coaching is future-oriented and focuses on growth, goals, and positive change in various aspects of life.

How long does a coaching program typically last?

This varies based upon the client’s goals and needs. Some programs last as short as a few months while other programs last longer. This can be determined initially at consultations and adjusted as needed.

How often do sessions take place?

Coaching sessions are scheduled on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Consistency and regularity in sessions are important for maintaining momentum and progress towards the client’s goals. It is also possible that a client and coach will achieve the desired results and transition to a check in monthly or every few months to stay on track and accountable towards continued progress.

What can I expect from a coaching session and how do I know if coaching is right for me?

During sessions you can expect a supportive and non-judgmental environment where the coach asks powerful questions, actively listens, and provides guidance. The coach will help you to gain clarity, set goals, explore strategies, and hold you accountable for taking action towards your goals. Coaching is beneficial for individuals who are motivated to make positive changes in their lives, set and achieve goals, and are open to personal growth. If you feel stuck, lack clarity, or need support in reaching your full potential, coaching can be a valuable resource.

Can a coach help me with specific challenges or goals?

Yes, coaching can help you with a wide range of challenges and goals. Whether it’s improving relationships, career transitions, personal development, or achieving a specific milestone, a coach provides guidance, strategies, and accountability to help you overcome barriers and achieve success.

Are coaching sessions confidential?

Absolutely. Coaches adhere to strict ethical guidelines and maintain client confidentiality the same as a therapy session.

Does insurance cover coaching sessions?

At this time, insurance does not cover coaching sessions.

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